What Are The Different Types Of Locksmith Services?

What Are The Different Types Of Locksmith Services

There is nothing worse than being locked out.

“Locked out of what?” you ask.

That’s a good question. Locks are–of course–an integral component of security when you want to protect your property.

Sadly, there are situations where those locks we rely on to secure our most cherished possessions can backfire on us. We lose keys–or maybe a key breaks. Or we forget combinations, and suddenly we’re left out in the cold–metaphorically and literally.

In fact, these scenarios aren’t anomalies. It happens to everyone. Some 16,000 Americans are locked out of their homes and cars each day.

Yet, your lock-related needs go beyond emergencies. You can also take proactive measures to prevent lockouts or for general security purposes.

Everything discussed above falls under the locksmith services umbrella, which we’ll describe in detail below:

24/7 Emergency Locksmith Services

A locksmith’s heart and soul is their 24/7 emergency lockout services–we excel in this area at Able Lock Shop. 

People locked out of their cars, homes, and businesses in the Nassau and Suffolk County areas can rely on us to be fast, reliable, and affordable. You can breathe easier when we’re on the job because our track record speaks for itself. Call us during your lock (or key) related crisis, and we’ll be there to help in usually 30 minutes or less.

Residential Locksmith Services

Able Lock’s residential locksmith services begin with our emergency lockout services detailed above. Our offerings also extend to residential security and residential lock solutions. 

We specialize in the following areas for residential customers:

  • Keyless entry systems.
  • Key replacements.
  • Key cuts.
  • High-security systems.
  • Cylinder/core replacements.
  • Safe assistance.
  • And more!

While we can help you get back into your home in short order, we’ll also help keep unwanted intruders out with our focus on homeowner safety.

Commercial Locksmith Services

On top of our ultra-responsive 24/7 emergency services (including outside of business hours), our commercial services include steel fire doors, magnetic locks, safes, exit devices, etc.

Able Lock Shop has spent many decades upgrading the security of our commercial clients. 

We’ve helped businesses protect their assets by implementing touchpad/keyless systems, electric releases, and door closers. We’ve aided in developing and installing master key systems that we’ll service around the clock. Plus, we install, re-key, and service locks for our commercial clients.

Automotive Locksmith Services

Unsurprisingly, our automotive locksmith services begin with our 24/7 emergency availability. Do you need us for a car lockout in Nassau or Suffolk County? We’ll be there in around 30 minutes, barring extenuating factors.

We’ll also help open a locked trunk or perform a broken key extraction.

Other components of our automotive locksmith services are as follows:

  • High-security key duplication.
  • Chip key replacement services.
  • New GM VATS key creation.


Able Lock Shop provides safe-related solutions and locksmith services to residential and commercial customers in Suffolk and Nassau counties. This includes clients throughout New Hyde Park and Floral Park.

Our extensive expertise extends to AMSEC safes, Gardall safes, and many more. 

We often help clients with gun storage safes, jewelry safes, or safes to protect business documents. Really, though, we’ll help clients find a safe for anything they deem worth protecting. 

Whether you require our assistance for safe cracking, moving, or changing combinations, we have you covered at Able Lock.

Why Should You Trust Able's Locksmith Services?

Why Should You Trust Ables Locksmith Services

Much–but not all–of our credibility at Able Lock revolves around longevity. We’ve been around since 1945. That’s 78 years we’ve been helping commercial and residential clients with our locksmith services.

Think about it. Our business was founded seventeen years before the New York Mets played a game of baseball. We’re 27 years older than the Islanders. We’re even thirteen years older than our current governor.

Our point being? We’re a staple in our surrounding communities. We’re in the DNA of the Long Island area because of our passion for keeping residents and businesses safe.

We leave no stone unturned in ensuring we provide the best possible services. Thus, we’re part of associations like the Associated Locksmiths of America. We’re also certified journeyman locksmiths, certified registered locksmiths, fire department approved/compliant, and compliant with the Better Business Bureau.  

Furthermore, we’re licensed, bonded, and insured factory-trained locksmiths, and our safes are UL-rated.

Putting The Community First

Able Lock Shop is locally and family-owned, meaning we appreciate our community and all it’s given us. We also grasp and embrace the differences of all residents.

For instance, not everybody in our community speaks English as a first language. Thus, we have reps who speak Spanish to make our services accessible to everyone who needs them.

Our community and family-based approach is also a driving force in providing senior discounts. We’re here to take care of the entire community, including its members approaching or living their golden years.

The long and short of it is we’re passionate about making Nassau and Suffolk Counties (and their surrounding communities) great places to live. We want our residents to always feel safe and welcome and that someone will be there for them during emergencies. 

Able Lock Provides Locksmith Services You Can Count On.

You could be locked out of your home, car, or business in the Nassau and Suffolk County areas, and Able Lock can be there for you in 30 minutes or less. That kind of peace of mind is priceless.

That said, we offer more than our emergency locksmith services. Our retail store is located in New Hyde Park and is open Monday to Saturday during business hours. Stop by to visit and see if any of our security solutions make sense for your home, car, or business. 

Or, you can contact us on our website to learn more about our locksmith services.